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Hair Types – Curly Hair Types, Black Hair Types

Sep 26, 2009 |

Hair Types Different Hair Types include Straight Hair, Curly Hair, Wavy Hair, Greasy Hair or Dry Hair. This is probably determined by several factors, which may vary in their importance during life. This is why some curly-headed children have straight Hair Types later in life, and vice versa. These factors include The way the large […more]

Bead Embroidery and Beaded Embroidery Info

Sep 15, 2009 |

Bead Embroidery Bead embroidery can be one of the most expressive, most satisfying methods of beadwork you will do. Bead Embroidery is like painting with beads, forms create themselves, patterns flow and the beads know where they want to be. Bead Embroidery is almost subconscious, you will be surprised at how it evolves. From century […more]

Double Knit Patterns and DoubleKnit Uses

Sep 9, 2009 |

Double Knit Double Knit is a circular knit fabric, which has loops on both sides, front as well as back. It is made with a double set of needles to create a double thickness of fabric. Each thickness of the Double knit fabric is joined by interlocking stitches. An article of double knit is a […more]

Loop Pile Carpet Overview and Uses

Sep 9, 2009 |

Loop Pile Carpet Loop Pile Carpet is a finish without cutting the yarns. The Carpet with uncut pile is very strong because the loops of the yarn run continuously from face of the carpet through its back. Added backing helps to strengthen it further. The regularity or irregularity of the loops, the height and texture […more]

Cut Pile Carpet Overview and Uses

Sep 9, 2009 |

Cut Pile Carpet Cut Pile Carpet is type of weave in which the face of the carpet is composed of cut ends of pile yarn. The tops of the loops are cut in an uniform length. It is one of the most popular constructions for carpets. It is durable but the durability depends upon the […more]

Oxford Cloth, Clothing and Fabric Overview

Sep 9, 2009 |

Oxford Cloth Oxford Cloth consists of two, thin warp yarns woven to very soft, thicker yarn in the filling direction. The unbalanced construction of the Oxford Cloth causes the thin yarns to break and leave tiny holes. Oxford Weave is fine, soft and lightweight. It is commonly found in cotton shirting but is also available […more]

Leno Fabric, Clothing Overview and Mock Leno

Sep 9, 2009 |

Leno Fabric Leno Fabric has two or more warp threads crossing over each other and interlacing with one or more than one filling threads. It is very sheer and durable with no yarn slippage. It is stronger and firmer permitting the passage of both light and air through it. Leno fabric is also called as […more]

Dobby Fabric Overview and Dobbies Uses

Sep 9, 2009 |

Dobby Fabric Dobby Fabric is a patterned fabric like jacquard weave but the patterns are smaller. It produces an allover figured fabrics. The figures are bird’s eye, small diamonds with a dot at the center, or smaller geometric patterns. The construction of the Dobby Fabric is very complex and the design is repeated frequently. Dobby […more]

Ribbed Fabric, Material and Rib Fabric Uses

Sep 9, 2009 |

Ribbed Fabric Ribbed Fabric is characterized by prominent ribs in the weft. In this type of fabric the warp yarns and the filling yarns are of different widths. Usually the filling yarns are fatter than the warp yarns. It Creates a series of horizontal ribs. Properties Ribbed Fabric has a substantially higher number of yarns […more]

Basket Weave Overview, Basket Weaving Info

Sep 9, 2009 |

Basket Weave Basket Weave is a variation of the plain weave. In this, two or more than two warps yarns cross alternately side-by-side with two or more than two filling yarns. This type of weave resembles a plaited basket. It is made from multiple horizontal strands weaved over multiply vertical strands. Basket Weave have a […more]