Fashion Designer Roles

Jan 29, 2016 |

Skills Required for a Fashion Designer

have a creative eye for colour and shape
draw and show design ideas effectively
have an interest in fashion and past and future trends
have excellent technical skills in sewing and pattern-making

Fashion Designer Roles and Responsibilities

Fashion Designers have an exciting and demanding career in a competitive industry.

They can design items of clothing for a wide range of retailers, from everyday high-street chains to exclusive design houses. They may specialize in designing menswear, womens wear or childrens wear.

A Fashion Designer usually starts the design process by collecting ideas and looking for trends. Then, they sketch their ideas or use a computer programme to draw designs. These are developed into patterns and samples are made.

Fashion Designers often work long hours and weekends to stick to deadlines. It can also be hard to switch off – as a Designer as they always need to be looking for inspiration.

They are usually based in a studio space. Travel, both within the UK and overseas is very common.

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