Fashion Photographer Roles

Jan 29, 2016 |

Skills Required for Fashion Photographer

be ambitious and dedicated to your career
operate effectively under pressure
have deep, thorough knowledge of the world fashion
have outstanding creative and technical skills in photography
experiment and explore new ideas and techniques
have excellent communication skills
have excellent networking skills
be able to interpret and follow a brief in a highly creative way
be highly organised
be able to control studio or location situations, directing a full creative team
have good technical knowledge of photo-chemical and digital processes, and of all camera equipment
have an excellent sense of visual composition and perspective
be highly-skilled in image-manipulation and image-management software

Fashion Photographer Roles and Responsibilities

Fashion Photographers not only photograph garments but also interpret the underlying ideas or themes of the season, the clothing range, the designer or the brand.

They work in studios and on location to produce imaginative and eye-catching images that advertise clothes, accessories and lifestyle.

There is never-ending demand across the industry for originality and innovation. Photographers who understand fashion trends and can take striking images that sell the look and style of the clothes are much in demand and can command large fees.

Fashion photographs are commissioned for a variety of publications, ranging from mail-order catalogues and websites, to high-fashion magazines and Sunday supplements. Their working methods, as well as the creative skills required, vary accordingly.

Fashion Photographers often work within a team, which includes art directors, editors and other creative support staff. They need to understand each client’s brand, the various uses of images, and be able to work closely with other creative people to fulfil the brief. High Fashion and Magazine Photographers work from their own studios, on location, or occasionally, in a studio supplied by their clients.

They must be innovative and artistic with a deep interest in, and knowledge of, the latest fashion trends, as well as the history of fashion, art and fashion photography. They must also develop and maintain top-level contacts within the fashion industry and the fashion publishing business.

They must refresh their style continually and communicate their passion and creative vision to a very demanding and sophisticated audience.

Mail-order Catalogue and Website Photographers work with a variety of models and situations, representing the style and features of clothes as accurately and stylishly as possible. They are usually employed by photographic or design studios and may spend days, or weeks, working on a single range of clothing, producing enough photographs each day to fill many catalogue or website pages.

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