Fashion Wardrobe Supervisor Roles

Feb 1, 2016 |

Skills Required for Fashion Wardrobe Supervisor

be highly-organised and efficient
have a good memory
show keen attention to detail
analyse detailed information
have excellent leadership, management and motivational skills
put others at ease (when working closely with Actors to dress them)
be adaptable
deal proactively with last-minute changes
cope well with external deadlines
show initiative
hand sew to make any emergency repairs
know how to dress Actors
gauge clothing sizes at a glance
have good computer skills (Mac and PC)
know about relevant health and safety legislation and procedures

Fashion Wardrobe Supervisor Roles and Responsibilities

Wardrobe Supervisors are only employed on larger budget productions in the UK. They start work shortly before filming begins.

Initially, they discuss films with Costume Designers, Costume Design Assistants and/or Costume Supervisors. They check the continuity book for details of which costumes are needed for each scene, how many changes are required in a shooting day and whether Costume Dailies should be hired.

Wardrobe Supervisors may be given responsibility for managing the wardrobe budget (to buy clothing rails, washing machines, etc).

They organise the transportation of costumes to sets or locations. They ensure that all items of equipment, e.g., sewing machines, steamers, irons, etc., are available and in working order, and that costumes are cleaned, ironed and ready for use.

They may need to carry out a risk assessment of the workplace, and draw up codes of practice to minimise the possibility of injury to persons working with potentially hazardous machinery or chemicals.

During the shoot, Wardrobe Supervisors ensure that all clothes are labelled and laid out for dressing and that accurate lists are kept of costume accessories such as jewellery.

They supervise the maintenance and cleaning of costumes during breaks and between shooting days. They oversee continuity, keeping up to date with any last-minute changes in schedules or scripts. They are responsible for wardrobe on all shooting units.

In some cases, second or third units may be shooting in different countries, and Wardrobe Supervisors must ensure that the correct doubles are sent, together with copies of the continuity book.

After filming is completed, Wardrobe Supervisors manage the return of hired outfits and the sale or disposal of any remaining costumes.

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