Freelance Fashion Designer Roles

Jan 30, 2016 |

Skills Required for Freelance Fashion Designer

have an interest in your chosen field, crafts and trends
have expert knowledge and specialist making skills
market and sell your work
have excellent business skills
be a good communicator
be self-motivated

Freelance Fashion Designer Roles and Responsibilities

A Freelance Designer/Maker has expertise in their chosen area and a high level of creativity.

They work for themselves, selling their work to galleries, shops, private customers and sometimes large manufacturing houses.

Freelance Designers/Makers spend much of their time collecting inspiration, sourcing materials and researching new techniques. They may also run craft workshops and attend craft fairs and exhibitions.
Freelance Designers/Makers usually work irregular hours, depending on the number of commissions they have. Longer hours may be needed when working towards deadlines or when preparing a collection.

A Freelance Designer/Maker is usually based in a studio environment, which could be rented or in their home. Those working with specialist machinery or equipment need to make sure there is enough space.

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