Lingerie Designer Roles

Jan 31, 2016 |

Skills Required for Lingerie Designer

have a creative eye for colour and shape
draw and present design ideas effectively
have an interest in contour fashion and past and future trends
have excellent technical skills in sewing and pattern-making
be an excellent communicator
have good presentation skills

Lingerie Designer Roles and Responsibilities

A Lingerie Designer may design a range of products such as bras, pants, vests, camisoles, slips, shapewear and sleepwear. In the industry, structured items such as bras are defined as lingerie whereas unstructured items such as camisoles are examples of underwear.

The work of a Swimwear Designer can range from creating beachwear fashion to designing performance swimwear for athletes.

Lingerie/ Swimwear Designers design items of clothing (lingerie, sleepwear and swimwear) for a wide range of brands & retailers, from everyday high-street chains to exclusive design houses. They may specialise in designing either lingerie or swimwear.

They begin by researching design and market trends to help inspire and generate ideas. Then, they sketch ideas, using a computer programme to create technical sketches and CAD drawings for range planning and to present to buyers.

Next is sourcing, selecting and buying fabrics, as well as developing technical patterns to make a prototype sample. They liaise with the production facility to ensure designs can be made and kept within budget.

This role can be very deadline driven and this often means that a Designer needs to work overtime and long hours.

As with any creative person in a design-based role, a Lingerie/Swimwear Designer is always looking for inspiration around them, so will never completely switch off from thinking about their collection.

Lingerie/Swimwear Designers are usually based in a studio or design room space.

Travel, both within the UK and overseas, is usual as Designers work with production factories and fabric mills and go on research trips for their design ideas.

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