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Nail Art, Nails, Nail Care Tips, Makeup, Styles, for Interview, Short, Metallic, Pretty, Pastel, Traditional Nails
Nail Art | Nail Care | Nail Makeup

Nail and lip colors don’t have to match, but nails should blend with your cosmetic and wardrobe shades for a totally coordinated look
Nail Care | Nail Care Tips

Don’t use nails as tools to keep them from breaking.

Use a pen or pencil to dial a telephone number and a letter opener to open envelopes.

Avoid using rough metal nail files that can damage nails, and never clip or cut a cuticle unless absolutely necessary.

After they’ve been in water, let nails dry completely before filing them.

Keep nails away from detergents, chlorine and salt water whenever possible.

Wear gloves in the winter not only for warmth but to protect nails from chipping.

Wear protective gloves when gardening or doing other household tasks, especially if it involves using hot water, soaps or strong chemicals

Nail Makeup | Nails Makeup

To finish your makeup programme the last step is nail makeup. Here all you have to do is be creative and as daring as you can. The basic care of nail is very important and hence regularly manicure and pedicure for having healthy and beautiful nails. Given below are some of the tips for the nails to keep them healthy and tidy.

Slim the look of wide nail bases with an oval shape.

Pastels and neutrals go the distance on longer, rounder nails.

Darker polish looks best on short, squared nails. Narrow nail beds appear stronger with a soft square shape. Create a lighter side of bold by add drops of a dark, rich creme to a bottle of clear polish and shake.

Storing polish in a warm place may change its consistency. Keep nail shades in the refrigerator or a bathroom cabinet.

Experiment and you will come up with something very trendy and genuine.

Take the time to cultivate your nails.

Stop biting the nails.

Use a nail hardener to protect them from splitting and peeling. Vitamin E supplements keep nails growing long and strong.

Different Nail Styles
Nails for Interview

Keep the nails clean, simple and short for attending interview . Use neutral shades.
Party Nails, Late Night Nails

Arrive dark and dramatic: Plum Fairy, Midnight Metal Cabernet, or Classic Red.
Natural Nails

Pink Snow, Clear Ice, or any other shade that is trendy, young and attractive.
Short Nails, Metallic Nails

Metallics are all the rage this year, and spring is a great season to sport a trendy new look. For the best impact, keep your nails trimmed relatively short and show off a splashy metallic look. Silvers, greens, blues and blacks. Greens are especially hot this year, so apply a pretty green hue to get in on the latest color craze.
Pretty Nails, Pastel Nails

It`s likely that pastel colors will never go out of style. Find a shimmery lilac or lavender, a dainty pink, peach or rose, or try other pale pastel shades. For an extra creative touch, apply an iridescent, glossy, pearly or glittery topcoat. Or, for a modern twist, introduce a delicate white on your tips and enjoy a unique new French manicure.
Traditional Nails

For a no-fail look no matter what your personal style or wardrobe options, consider a standby pink or red. Softer pinks and reds seem to be making a strong appearance on nails, blending nicely with all skin tones, nail shapes and clothing color choices
Red Nails, Pink Nails

These colours tend to be classics in the world of lips and fingertips, so even if you can`t find a trendy look for your nails, you can stay in style with a tried-and-true color scheme. To get a little daring, gradually tone down your colors until you are moving from fire engine red and lollypop pink to paler shades of carnation, brick and maybe even peach!

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