Products from Ginning

Mar 1, 2016 |

When the seed cotton is proceed in the gin, three products result


The Seeds make up about 55% of the seed cotton weight that comes from the farms. They are very valuable and are used for a variety of products such as oil, plastics, stock feed, cosmetics and margarine. They might also be used as seeds for the next cotton crop.


Lint Makes up approximately 35% of the seed cotton weight. Once the lint has been separated it is compacted into bales for easy transporting. The Cotton bales are then mostly transported directly to ports for export to other countries to further process (Spin) the cotton.


The remaining 10% of the seed cotton is classed as waste product or trash. Cotton fibre waste can be used in ethanol manufacturing or in products that clean up oil spills. It can also be used as a fertilizer.

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