Air Jet Loom Overview and Information

Air Jet Loom

Air Jet Loom as one of the shuttle less looms, transports a yarn into warps using viscosity and kinetic energy of an air jet. Performance of this picking system depends on the ability of instantaneous inhalation/exhaust, configuration of nozzle, operation characteristics of a check valve, etc.

An air jet loom uses short quick bursts of compressed air to propel the weft through the shed in order to complete the weave. Air jets are the fastest traditional method of weaving in modern manufacturing and they are able to achieve up to 1200 picks per minutes. However, the amounts of compressed air required to run these looms as well as the complexity in the way the air jets are positioned makes them more costly than other looms.

Air Jet Loom weaving is an advanced weaving method with high efficiency and productivity

. In Air Jet Loom, the weft is introduced into the shed opening by air flow.

. The energy resulting from air pressure is converted into kinetic energy in the nozzle.

. In Air Jet Loom the air leaving from the nozzle transfers its pulse to stationary air and slows down.

. In Air Jet Loom to this end, in order to achieve a larger rib width, a confuser is developed, which maintains air velocity in the shooting line.

. The confuser drop wires are profiles narrowing in the direction of shoot, and they are of nearly circular cross section open at the top.

. These drop wires are fitted one behind the other as densely as possible. Therefore, they prevent in the shooting line the dispersion of air jet generated by the nozzle.