Circular Loom Overview and Information

Circular Loom

A circular loom is used to create a seamless tube of fabric for products such as hosiery, sacks, clothing, fabric hose (such as fire hose) and the like. Circular looms can be small jigs used for hand knitting or large high speed machines for modern garments. A good example of the circular loom’s work is the new seamless women’s stockings, which no longer require a seam running up the back of the leg. A circular loom is primarily used for bagging material.

The Circular Loom machine is designed for the manufacture of tubular fabrics and has an annular frame with an upper ring plate and a lower ring plate Vertically moving laces are fitted to direct the warp ends and are mounted at constant intervals round at least one circular trackway. The two ring plates have bores in them for mounting and directing the laces. The lower ends of the laces have follower rollers which operate in conjunction with a cam plate.

Circular Loom comes in different sizes so that you can knit different sizes of tubes. Smaller looms are great for baby hats, socks, fingerless gloves, and other narrow patterns. Larger looms are perfect for adult-sized hats, cowls, and patterns that require a larger circumference.