Dobby Loom Overview and Information

Dobby Loom

A Dobby Loom is a type of floor loom that controls the warp threads using a device called a dobby. Dobby is short for draw boy which refers to the weaver’s helpers who used to control the warp thread by pulling on draw threads.

Dobby loom is an alternative to treadle looms. Each of them is a floor loom in which every warp thread on the looms are attached to a single shaft using a device called a heddle. A shaft is sometimes known as a harness, but this terminology is becoming obsolete among active weavers. Each shaft controls a set of threads. Raising or lowering several shafts at the same time gives a huge variety of possible sheds through which the shuttle containing the weft thread can be thrown.

A manual dobby loom uses a chain of bars or lags each of which has pegs inserted to select the shafts to be moved. A computer assisted dobby loom uses a set of solenoids or other electronic devices to select the shafts. Activation of these solenoids is under the control of computer program. In either case the selected shafts are raised or lowered by either leg power on a dobby pedal or electric or other power sources.

The advantage of a dobby loom becomes even more pronounced on looms with 12 shafts (4094 possible sheds), 16 shafts (65,534 possible sheds), or more. It reaches its peak on a Jacquard looms in which each thread is individually controlled.

Another advantage to a dobby loom is the ability to handle much longer sequences in the pattern. A weaver working on a treadled looms must remember the entire sequence of treadlings that make up the pattern, and must keep track of where they are in the sequence at all times. Getting lost or making a mistake can ruin the cloth being woven. On a manual dobby loom the sequence that makes up the pattern is represented by the chain of dobby bars. The length of the sequence is limited by the length of the dobby chain. This can easily be several hundred dobby bars, although an average dobby chain will have approximately fifty bars.

Computer Dobby Looms

A computer dobby loom (Computer-Dobby) takes this one step further by replacing the mechanical dobby chain with computer controlled shaft selection. In addition to being able to handle sequences that are virtually unlimited, the construction of the shaft sequences is done on the computer screen rather than by building a mechanical dobby chain. This allows the weaver to load and switch weave drafts in seconds without even getting up from the looms. In addition, the design process performed on the computer provides the weaver with a more intuitive way to design fabricas seeing it on the computer screen is easier than trying to visualize it by looking at the dobby chain.

Dobby loom expand a weavers capabilities and remove some of the tedious work involved in designing and producing fabric. Many newer cloth design techniques such as network drafting can only reach their full potential on a dobby loom.

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