Workflow In An Apparel Manufacturing Unit

Workflow In An Apparel Manufacturing Unit

Design / Sketch
Pattern Design
Sample Making
Production Pattern
Marker Making
Pressing/ Finishing
Final Inspection

This is the Basic Production Flowchart of a Garment. In advance some of the process can be added or removed. Here is a brief discussion of every process steps of Garments & Apparel Manufacturing Technology:-

Design or Sketch: Before making an apparel of garments we must have to design or sketch the appearance completely. It helps us at the further process to monitor the manufacturing faults and process shortage.

Pattern Design: Every piece of Apparel or Garment is built upon a pattern. The pattern is made by the standard sizes of Men and Women. We must have to make pattern to follow while manufacturing a garment product. It saves time and increase the rate of accuracy of making.

Sample Making: Before going for a bulk production; its a smart step to make a complete sample of the desired apparel. After making the sample if the production manager thinks that this okey; then the further bulk apparel or garment production is to be carried out by following the exact size and quality of that sample.

Production Pattern: After making the cloth sample that i have mentioned in the previous process step; its wise to make a production sample that will be hanged out in front of every labor that are recruited to make this clothing eventually.

Grading: Grading is done in order to grade various sizes of garment in separate place so that it would be easier to inspection and maintain the export works at last.

Marker Making: Market making is the process to sketch on fabric before cutting it. Market is to be in standard size required by the buyers.

Spreading: After making a market; we have to spread the whole fabric over the spreading table in order to put Marker and pattern over it.

Cutting: After successfully spread the fabric and putting all the marks and sketch by the marker; this is the time to cut the fabrics according to design.

Shorting & Bundling: Some shorting task is done in order to list the same number of parts in a separate place.

Sewing & Assembling: Each of the parts of a clothing should be sewed or assembled in order to make a complete apparel that are wearable.

Inspection: In this step of garment manufacturing process each of the complete apparel or garment is to be checked and recheked. If any faults is found; then the whole process should be repeated.

Pressing or Finishing: After making an apparel it is to be pressed by the Compressed Machine in order to bring it in bale form for export.

Packing: After making a bale of these garment clothing; Packing is done!